Camera RAW Files Show Unsupported

This article applies to Exposure 7, X, X2, and later versions. Earlier versions of Exposure do not support RAW files. 

Check camera support list

If your camera’s RAW files are reading unsupported, first check the camera support list for your version.
Exposure RAW File Support

My camera is listed, but files show unsupported

Download and install the latest update of your Exposure version from our downloads page.

Note: If you own an earlier version of Exposure, visit our older installers article.

If you still see the unsupported file icon for one of these RAW formats after installing the update, select it and click the Reset button. That will tell Exposure to rescan the image so you can work with it.

My camera is not supported

If your camera is not supported, submit a request with your camera model. We are continuously updating Exposure with new camera support, and user requests are an important factor in prioritizing the development.

We will likely request a few RAW file samples for testing. User samples can be very useful for developing support as they frequently have in-camera settings that aren't present in factory samples. We do not use these images for any other purpose than RAW compatibility without your permission. If you are willing to send some samples, files showing different colors, lighting conditions, and a range of ISO values are useful.

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