Creating Seamless Tiles with Eye Candy

Creating seamless tiles with Eye Candy and using them to fill backgrounds is easy. Most of the filters in the Textures part of Eye Candy have a seamless tile option.

To fill a background with seamless tiles, you must: 

  • Create the tile 
  • Define the tiling pattern 
  • Fill the background 

Create the tile 

1) Create a new document in Photoshop. The tile does not have to be square. I suggest making it large. The smaller you make it, the more obvious repetition will be when you fill a large space with it. 

2) Run Eye Candy from the Filter menu in Photoshop. Then, select the Diamond Plate filter. Be sure to enable the Seamless tile checkbox.

3) Adjust sliders to taste. 

4) Click OK. You should see something like the following image: 

Define the tiling pattern 

Keep the tile you just created open and in the foreground, then use the following directions to define a pattern: 

1. Under the Edit menu, choose Define Pattern. 

2. Name your pattern. Mine is "Diamond Plate." 

3. Click OK. 

Fill the background 

Let's pretend I'm designing a poster that needs a tough, diamond-plated background. Here's how I would do it: 

1. Create the empty file to fill. 

2. Choose Fill under the Edit menu. 

3. Select Pattern in the Fill window. 

4. In the Custom Pattern box, select the "Diamond Plate" pattern. It should be the last icon in the list. 

5. Click OK. You should get something like this: 

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