A Glass Jewel Effect Using Eye Candy


This was done in Photoshop using Eye Candy 6. If you are using a different host graphics program, then some of the details on how the steps are accomplished may be different, but the basics should be the same.

  • Download the two custom settings from the links below
  • After downloading, double click the settings files to import them into Eye Candy. They will appear in your custom settings window in a folder called, "Upgraded Settings".
  • Type out your text. I used a yellow color for it. 
  • Copy the new text layer. 
  • Run the 202_Island Chrome filter from Eye Candy 6>Text and Selection>Chrome on the bottom text layer.
  • Select the very top text layer. 
  • Run the 202_Island Glass filter from Eye Candy 6>Text and Selections>Glass
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