Jiggle and Shower Door come back to life

A long time ago we had a Jiggle filter in Eye Candy that did some random wiggly warping to your image. Here is a trick for recreating that effect with the Ripples filter in Eye Candy 7. While working on this I also discovered how to recreate our old Shower Door effect too!

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Eye Candy installed. You can get it from our downloads page. This works even if you are using Eye Candy in trial mode.
  2. Import the three settings from the file attached to the bottom of this article named Eye_Candy_7_Ripples_Presets.zip or Eye_Candy_6_Ripples_Presets.zip, depending on your version of Eye Candy. 
  3. Download it and unzip the file.
  4. Double-click each of the .f1s files you see. After you do that to each one you should get a message like "Setting successfully imported."
  5. Open a photo in Photoshop.
  6. Now let's start the Ripples filter. To find it, go to the Photoshop menu Filter > Alien Skin Eye Candy 7: Textures > Ripples.
  7. If you installed the presets then you should see them in the User Settings section of the Settings Tab. They all begin with the word Jiggle. Try each one. Welcome to the old Jiggle filter!
  8. On the Basic Tab you can control the effect with the Random Wave Amplitude and Random Wave Wavelength sliders. Hit the Random Seed button to make the ripples jump around.
  9. Here is how I made the settings. On the Basic Tab, I set Number of Raindrops to zero. On the Lighting Tab, I set Highlight Brightness to zero and Reflection Map to None.








Shower Door


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