Eye Candy 7 - Shape Effects


What are Shape effects? And why do I see warning messages like these when I use them?

"Bevel works much better if you start with a shape in a layer or an interesting selection."

"Backlight requires a shape in a layer or a selection. The shape or selection should not take up the entire layer."


Eye Candy's shape effects are primarily used on logos and titles. These effects need to find the edge of a shape, which you provide in the form of text, layers with opacity, or with a selection.

If you do not provide a shape, the entire rectangular image is considered as the shape. Most of the time, this is not what you want and Eye Candy will show you a warning message similar to those shown above.

Before you use any of Eye Candy's Shape effects, you should create a shape in Photoshop using a text layer, a layer with opacity or by making a selection. Watch this video for more information about Eye Candy's Shape effects. 

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