Converting presets to a newer Exposure version


I have Exposure 4, and have now purchased the latest version of Exposure. How do I upgrade my existing Exposure 4 custom presets so I can use them in the latest version of Exposure?

Note: This article uses Exposure 4 as an example. This article applies to all versions from Exposure 4 onward. Presets from Exposure 3 and before cannot be converted to later versions.



If you have skipped a version of Exposure, you will need to install the version(s) you skipped so it can assist in the preset upgrade process. It's actually pretty easy. 

Essentially, you will need to install each version that you skipped and upgrade the presets through them. If you upgraded from Exposure 4 directly to Exposure 7 for instance, you would need to install Exposure 5 and 6 in order to upgrade your presets to version 7.

First, download and install the intermediate versions (in this case Exposure 5 and 6) from our old installers article. If the installer does not detect your host application, you can perform a custom installation of Exposure.

Once the programs are downloaded and installed, open Photoshop and run the Exposure 5. It will automatically upgrade your Exposure 4 presets to Exposure 5. Once this is done, close Exposure 5, and launch Exposure 6. 


Here are 2 screenshots showing you where to find the preset import option in Exposure 6.


Once this is completed, you can uninstall unwanted versions using this article. 

Uninstalling your plug-in on a Mac

Uninstalling your plug-in on a PC

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