Adjusting the exposure of your image using Exposure

We received a request about lighting techniques when you plan to use Exposure in your post processing workflow. The article can be found here. This did, however, bring up an interesting question.


How do I increase the exposure of my image without an exposure slider, like the ones in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Lightroom?


In Exposure, you can use the Midtones slider on the Tone tab. This is a great way to increase the brightness of your image without clipping your highlights or shadows.

Here is an example of an underexposed image.

Original image



Using the exposure slider in ACR. Setting was increased to +1.50.



Using the Midtones slider in Exposure. Setting was +84 Midtone.



There are  multiple presets on the tone tab that can handle common adjustments like this. Though, some minor tweaks may need to be made to get the exact effect you are after.



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