Activation updates

In late 2010, Alien Skin updated the licensing system used in all of its plug-ins.  The prior system was also used by other plug-in companies, and conflicts caused a lot of technical support headaches.

We replaced the system with a new one that is more reliable.  If you have a version of any of our software prior to the versions below, we recommend that you update, particularly before installing plug-ins from other vendors. To check a version number, look in the About Box. You can get to the About Box through the Help menu or the "?" menu.

  • Blow Up
  • Bokeh 
  • Exposure
  • Eye Candy 
  • Image Doctor 
  • Snap Art 
  • Xenofex (Click "Submit a request" at the top of this page to ask for this installer.)

Download updated software here:

If you receive an error code when trying to activate one of your plug-ins, such as 100, 105, 501, etc., please submit a request for help.  Please include your license code and the error code involved and we will help you resolve the problem.


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