Plug-in doesn't work when played back in a Photoshop action


I made an action to apply my filter in a batch process, but it refuses to work. Can I use Alien Skin filters in a batch process? 


The "Output to New Layer" feature is incompatible with actions. It makes the filter do nothing. However, there is an easy solution.

Just disable the "Output in New Layer" option in the plug-ins preferences. In the latest versions of Exposure, Snap Art, Eye Candy and Bokeh, there is a feature that allows you to turn this off permanently (until you turn it back on).  

Type Command+K (Mac) or Control+K (Windows) to bring up the Preferences window. At the bottom, click the checkbox "Disable Output on New Layer". If the preference pane has the option "Output on new layer", you will want to uncheck that.  If you still want the option of having a separate layer and the fine tuning it allows, just duplicate the layer (Cmd/Ctrl+J) within the action prior to running the filter.

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