Running out of memory


While running an Alien Skin product as a Photoshop plug-in, you may get a crash or memory error message. Examples include, "Could not complete the Blow Up 3 Render command because there is not enough memory (RAM)." or "A general error occurred while rendering the preview image."


Frequently these errors are related to Photoshop taking up system resources, and not allowing enough for the plug-in to process the image. These steps often will resolve the issue.

Photoshop Memory Usage

Go to: Photoshop > Preferences > Performance (Mac) or Edit > Preferences > Performance (Windows). The default setting is 70%. If your computer has a lot of RAM (more than 8 GB), settings beyond 65% can cause problems. Changing to 60% is a good first step. 

Photoshop Scratch Disk

Make sure you have a scratch disk allocated. Depending on your Photoshop version the path will be in Photoshop > Preferences > (Performance or Scratch Disk).

Plug-in Memory Setting

The Alien Skin program's Preferences menu also has a Performance slider. Moving the setting to favor memory rather than speed can also help alleviate this error.  



The location of Preferences depends on your product version. For Exposure, use these paths:

  • Mac: Exposure > Preferences
  • Windows: Edit > Preferences

Other programs have the Preferences menu in the Help (?) box in the user interface.

Restart Photoshop

Restart Photoshop after changing preferences so they will take effect.

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