Sending a Crash Report from Your Mac

At times, one of our plug-ins may be causing a program  crash on your machine and our support team may you ask for a crash report. As an example, let's say Exposure is causing Photoshop to crash and we ask for a crash report. The crash report will often help us quickly identify the cause of the conflict and find a solution. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Console application, located in the Utilities Folder, inside the Applications folder on your Mac.
  • You should see a window like the one below; if not, click "Show Log List" at the top left of the window.


  • Click to highlight  the Adobe Photoshop application ( in this case Photoshop was crashing) under Crash reporter
  • From the Console File Menu choose "Save" As and save to your desktop. It should look something like the screenshot below.

Note: depending on the situation there may be multiple reports showing; just select the latest one (topmost in the list)


  • Send us the crash log file by attaching it to and updating your support ticket

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