Uninstall from Windows

At times, we may ask you to uninstall any existing versions of one of our programs prior to reinstalling. Many problems are the result of having multiple files and folders on a computer. You may also simply want to remove a trial version of one of our [programs, Fortunately, Windows has an excellent tool for uninstalling a program. Just look in the Windows Control Panel and choose the option for uninstalling a programs.

If you are using Windows 8, you will have to access the below menus like this. Access your Charm's (side bar), and choose Settings. There you can choose Control Panel and continue with the instructions below. 

Side_menu.png        Full_side_bar.png

To access the Control Panel in other versions of Windows, click Start > Control Panel

Depending on how you have your viewing options set you should see one of the two windows below. 



After you choose the uninstall option a window will show all installed programs.  Just double click the item in the list, and it will start the uninstall process. 


It is usually a good idea to close this window and then reopen it, allowing it to repopulate. If you then see another version of the program you can repeat the process to remove it. After you are sure all versions are gone, you can then reinstall.

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