Repairing Permissions on a Macintosh Computer

At times, we may ask you to run "Repair Permissions" on your Mac. Often, this will fix a host of issues, For example, even though you may be an Administrator on your Mac, you may be having difficulty running an installer because of a permissions issue with the destination folder. This tool is part of the Disc Utility application, which is located in the Utilities folder, inside the Applications folder on your Macintosh hard drive. I use the tool on a regular basis so I  have a shortcut to the Disc Utility tool right on my task bar. This way I don't have to dig for it every time.

When you launch the Disk Utility you will see a window like the one below:



Just select your Hard Drive, and click the "Repair Permissions" button.  It may take  a while to finish but often this will fix many issues with your Mac.

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