Plug-in not showing up in Lightroom

When installing into Adobe Lightroom you may notice that you cannot find your plug-in. Most people tend to look in the Library > Plug-in Extras menu item. This is not where our plug-ins are located within Lightroom. We are located under the Photo > Edit In menu item. 


If you install our software into Lightroom and do not see it under the Photo > Edit In menu then you will need to check a setting in your preferences. This setting is your presets location. In your Lightroom preferences  on Mac under Lightroom > Preferences or Windows under Edit > Preferences you will see a tab for Presets. On this tab in the middle you will see a heading for Locations and an option for "Store presets with catalog". If this option has a check mark in it then you need to remove the check mark, close your preferences window on your Mac or click OK in Windows, and then restart Lightroom.


Once you follow these instructions and restart Lightroom, you should see our software under the Photo > Edit in menu. If you still are not seeing the software then just run the installer again and make sure that you have selected Lightroom from the list of compatible host programs.

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