Fatal error 1002 and 1003

You may receive the fatal error 1002 or 1003 when activating your software on your Mac. This can happen with some older programs on newer operating system versions. Here's how to solve the issue.


  1. Download and temporarily install a current program from this link. The software will install in trial mode. https://www.alienskin.com/downloads 
  2. Unless you want to try the trial, uncheck all options at the Host Selection step and choose Next.
  3. Complete the installation and then start the newer program from the Applications folder.
  4. Any time you launch the software you will have the option to Activate or Continue Trial (unless the trial time is over). Choose Activate.
  5. The license tool should show up rather than the 1002 or 1003 error. If it does, close the license tool and then the program.
  6. After that, try running your software version again. The license tool should show and allow you to activate using your current license code.
  7. Once that is done you can delete the newer program from your Applications folder.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact our support team.

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