My older plug-ins don't work in CS6 or CC for Mac

**This does not affect the Windows versions of CS6 or CC**

If you have recently upgraded to CS6 or CC for Mac, then you will not be able to use your older 32-bit plug-ins.  

Why did Adobe drop 32-bit support?

The plug-ins listed below are all compatible with CS6 or CC for Mac. If your plug-in is not listed here, then it will not be compatible. 

Exposure 3 or later
Blow Up 2 and 3
Snap Art 2 or later
Image Doctor 2
Bokeh 2
Eye Candy 6 or later
Xenofex 2 

If you have trouble installing any of these plug-ins into CS6 or CC, please make sure you are using the most up to date version available.  You can get the updated versions from the following places. 

Our downloads page - This page contains the most up to date version of our current plug-ins.

Older installers - Here you will find the updated version of a few older products. 

Our older products such as Exposure 3, Blow Up 2, and Snap Art 2 will require a custom installation to use them in CS6 and CC versions. 

How to perform a custom install

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