Program error when opening a plug-in on your Mac

We are always working to maintain compatibility with the latest host programs. Regrettably, that means over time we may lose compatibility with older host programs and older hardware. When launching the latest versions of our plug-ins you may encounter the following error.


This could be due to a number of issues, but the most common one is an incompatible processor. As Apple drops 32bit support on it's hardware, so must we. Adobe did this with CS6 on the Mac.

You can check your processor by click the apple in the upper left corner of your Mac's menu bar. Then, choose "About This Mac."


The screen below will be displayed, and you can see your processor listed. On a Mac, if you see a "Core Duo" or "Power PC", your computer is not 64-bit compatible and may not be compatible with the most current plug-ins. The first 64bit compatible processor on the Mac was the "Core 2 Duo" or later.


Here are the system requirements for the latest version of each product. 


Blow Up


Snap Art

Eye Candy

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