Gallery Wrap Panel

When you install Blow Up, a free Photoshop panel will be installed that will assist you in making gallery wrapped prints. In case you didn’t know, a gallery wrap is a canvas print stretched around the outside of a wood frame. You can see an example of a finished gallery wrap on our Snap Art printing advice page.

You can use the Gallery Wrap Panel to automatically extend your image along the borders so that when you make a gallery wrap print you won’t lose any of the original image along the edges of the wrap. We give you a number of options for filling the border:

  • A solid color of your choice.
  • Reflect Edges. We automatically mirror the edges for you.
  • Reflect with fade. We reflect the edges and gradually fade to a color of your choice.

There are also options for blurring the boundary and extending the front image slightly to hide the seam.

Installation and Requirements

You must have Photoshop CS4 though CC to run the panel. CC 2014 and later are not compatible with this panel. To get the panel, simply download and install Blow Up. After restarting Photoshop, you can run the panel by selecting from the Photoshop menu: Windows > Extensions > Gallery Wrapper. The Gallery Wrap Panel does not rely on Blow Up to do its work. As a result, you can keep using it even if you uninstall Blow Up or if Blow Up’s trial period ends.

Download the Blow Up installer 

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