Older Installers

These installers are for older versions of our products. You can use them to reinstall software that you previously purchased. We do not sell older versions of our products.


Blow Up 2 Mac Win
Blow Up 3 (32-bit) Mac Win
Bokeh 2 Mac Win
Exposure 3 Mac Win
Exposure 4 Mac Win
Exposure 5 Mac Win
Exposure 6 Mac Win
Exposure 7 (32-bit) Mac Win
Exposure X Mac Win
Eye Candy 6 Mac Win
Eye Candy 7 (32-bit) Mac Win
Image Doctor 2 Mac Win
Lo-Fi Mac Win
Snap Art 2 Mac Win
Snap Art 3 Mac Win
Snap Art 4 (32-bit) Mac Win
Xenofex 2 Mac Win

If you need any earlier products, please open a support ticket here.

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