What happened to the Random Seed button?


In previous products,  you had a Random Seed option that allowed me to randomize the textures on an image. I do not see it in your newer products. Where did it go, and can I still do the same thing another way?


The random seed option has been replaced with the ability to adjust the textures manually, rather than just letting the computer come up with random possibilities. In earlier versions of Exposure, the Random Seed option flipped the textures horizontally and vertically, and that's it. Then you could use the opacity slider to adjust the opacity of the texture.

Now, you can flip them horizontally, vertically, invert the colors, zoom in on the texture and protect a portion of your image from the texture. The protect option works the same way as the vignette protect option in earlier versions of Exposure. You can still set the opacity for the light and dust textures like you could before. These new controls allow you to customize how your texture appears, instead of letting the computer change it until you like it.



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