Using Alien Skin Plug-Ins in Aperture

If you are using Exposure 5 or Snap Art 4, these plug-ins come with full Aperture support, so the steps in this article are not needed. Just run the installer and choose Aperture. 

Any of our products that are supported in Lightroom can be run on an image in Aperture when the plug-in is configured as the external editor.

  1. In Aperture select Aperture > Preferences and choose the Export tab.
  2. Click the “choose…” button next to “External Photo Editor” and navigate to your Alien Skin plugin application file.
  3. Select TIFF (16-bit or 8-bit) as the External Editor File Format and sRGB as the Color Space.
Application file locations:
Bokeh 2 - Macintosh HD > Applications
Blow Up 3 -  Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Alien Skin > Blow Up 3 > Alien Skin Blow Up

After configuration, select the image you wish to adjust. Then choose Photos->Edit with Alien Skin Exposure 4… to launch Exposure. 

NOTE: Aperture only allows you to set up one external editor at a time so a reconfiguration is required to use another external editor.

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