Exporting photos from Lightroom

This tip applies to our products which run in Lightroom.

Normally, when you run a Lightroom plug-in on a RAW file, Lightroom will first render the full image as a TIFF before passing the image to the plug-in. The new TIFF image is then added to the Lightroom libary so you can manipulate it further.

Another option for processing your files is to run the plug-in as a final step when exporting. For example, you may wish to take a folder of files and render them at a lower resolution for a web gallery or to preview an Exposure setting on a batch of files. The advantage of this approach is that the image can be exported from Lightroom at a lower resolution or as a JPEG so it takes up less space. The rendered image is not added to your Lightroom library either.

To do this, simply select the images you wish to export in the Lightroom Library and click File > Export from your menu bar. Next, choose the size and various options and where you want to put the files. At the bottom, there is an option for Post-Processing (see image below). You want to select the plug-in such as Exposure or Bokeh here. Once you have your options set, just click Export.


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