Setting up plugins in Corel PSP X2 / X3

While we do not support Corel products with our software, there are customers who use them with this software. For this reason, I would like to address how to set up our plugins in Corel PSP X2/X3. 


When installing your plugins, set them up in their own directory, separate from anything else as shown below. 

You can name the folders whatever you choose. 



You will need to perform a custom install. Once you have installed your plugins into the newly created folders. You will need to point your Corel Product to the right directory. 

For Corel PSP X2 / X3 you will need to point it to the folder with the 32-bit plugins as these two programs are not 64-bit compatible. To access the preferences for X2 / X3 select File > Preferences > File Locations.



Once you open the preferences' option you can add the plugins location by clicking the Add button to the right and browsing to the proper folder location. In this example, I have both 32-bit and 64-bit folders added, but you will only need to add the folder that is compatible with your version of Corel PSP (ie 32-bit OR 64-bit). 


Make sure both of your folder options are selected. The Use Sub Folders option means that you can select the top-level folder and it will search all the sub folders for available plugins. 


Once you have done this, you can click the OK button and apply your settings. Restart your Corel software and then look under Effects > Plugins to see your software. 



If you have done all this, and you do not see your plugins listed, go back into preferences' and delete the folder location, click OK, restart your Corel program and add them once again, then restart your Corel program. If it is still not working, you will need to contact Corel for further support. As mentioned before we do not support setting up our software in Corel products. 

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