Sharing presets between multiple computers

Do you use a cloud syncing service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft's SkyDrive or Sugar Sync? These services have a desktop syncing application that allows you to automatically transfer files on one computer to another computer. You can configure your Alien Skin app to use these shared folders, which enables you to share your presets across multiple computers.

This article describes and shows the basic steps to set this up in Exposure X4. Other applications will be similar.

1. Install and configure your cloud syncing service's desktop application

Refer to their documentation for more details.

2. Open the Alien Skin application's Preferences window

Mac: Exposure X4 > Preferences > General

Windows: Edit > Preferences > General

Older applications: Help (?) button > Preferences

3. Change User Folder the new shared location

By default, User Folder points to a system location.

  1. Click on the Change button and find the shared location of your cloud syncing service.
  2. After choosing the desired user folder, click OK to close the Preferences window. 


4. Copy presets to new location

You will be presented with the option to copy your user data from the old folder to the new folder. We recommend that you copy all user content to the new folder so that it can be shared among your computers.


5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on your other computers

Now when you save a user preset, it will be automatically synced to all of your computers by your cloud syncing service. 

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