Using your plug-ins from Adobe Bridge

Some customers have inquired about how they can batch edit their images using Adobe Photoshop. The short answer is, you can't. It may, however, be possible to use them with Adobe Bridge. Let me start this by saying, this is not a supported method for using our plug-ins. You stand at risk for data loss if done incorrectly.

To ensure no data loss, please duplicate your images before editing them. Then, only edit the duplicated image. 

First, let's start by launching Adobe Bridge and locating the images you wish to batch. In that folder, create a new folder, and name it whatever you want. As you see below, I have created a folder named Batch 1.


Once you have your folder created, let's copy your images in there. We need to copy them because when you use this method, the plug-in will write directly to the file, not offering an option to "Save" or "Save As". This is where data loss can occur if you do not follow these steps. So, let's copy the images by selecting the ones you wish to copy.  You can use any method of selecting them you wish. Either Ctrl/Cmd - Click or Shift Click to select your images. Then right click them and choose Copy to.

Copy to folder.png

We will use Exposure 4 as our example. Now that the images are copied, just enter the folder with the duplicates and select them all using Ctrl/Cmd - A. Once they are all selected, right click on one and choose Open With > Alien Skin Exposure 4. You can use Exposure, Bokeh, Snap Art, and Blow Up, using this method. 


You will now see a film strip at the bottom of Exposure that contains all the files you selected. This is the same functionality that you get when using batch editing in Lightroom, but you have to manually duplicate the files before hand, instead of it happening automatically. 


Now you can edit them as a group, or click individual ones to make tweaks on each image. You can use any normal method of selecting multiple images in this filmstrip.

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