How to activate and deactivate your product

Product Activation 


Product Deactivation

Activation is required to move your product from trial mode to a licensed version.  Activation is completed by running the program, entering your purchased 20 digit license code, and activating via the Internet or email. You are allowed up to 15 days of trial use before you are required to activate the software. When you are ready to activate, simply launch the plug-in and click activate. The white bar is a countdown timer and will fill in as your 15-day trial expires. 


Once you click the activate option, you will be prompted to enter your 20 digit license code. Image Doctor 2 is the only currently available product to use the 12 letter license code. The initial check mark will indicate that the number is a valid Alien Skin license code. This does not mean you have entered the correct code for this product. Click next to proceed. If you are not connected to the internet, please follow the instructions for a manual activation, otherwise click next.  


Deactivation is necessary if you wish to move your software from one computer to another. Simply select the help menu from within the product and choose to deactivate. Once you choose to deactivate, you will be given the option to remove your license code from the computer. If you are not putting this software back on the computer, then choose to erase it.


Deactivation for older products such as Eye Candy 6 and Image Doctor 2 can be located in the help menu. These menus are located in the product's menu bar. 


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