Mac OS X 10 - Unable to use plug-in right after activating.

Some customers have reported that after successfully activating their software, then closing out and relaunching it, they are being prompted, and unable, to activate again. 

This is a very simple fix.

1. Reach out to support so we can reset your license activations. If you have already reached out to us, we have more than likely already done this.

2. Open Finder and browse to 'Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Alien Skin'.

**NOTE: If you cannot see the Library at the location above, with Finder open, click on 'Go' in the toolbar at the top of your screen and then hold down the 'Option/Alt' key on your keyboard and 'Library' will appear. Click on 'Library' and navigate to 'Application Support > Alien Skin'.

In this folder you should see a folder named Shared

3. If the Shared folder already exists, please delete it and recreate it named exactly Shared. If you do not see the Shared folder in that location, you will need to create it manually.

Once we've reset your license activations, you should be able to activate your product without further issues.


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