Exposure 7 Interface

This article will go over the basics of the Exposure interface. There's much more that can be learned from our awesome video tutorials


1. Preset pane - This is where all of your factory and custom presets are stored. You can filter them by Color, B&W, User presets, etc. You can also search for a preset by name if you click the magnifying glass at the top of the preset pane. You can display them in columns of 2 or 3 thumbnail images, or as a text list.

2. Folder tree - This is the all new folder tree. Here you can add and remove folders containing images to your Exposure library. If you delete a folder from this list, it does not delete them from your drive. We would never be that mean!

  • You can adjust the height and width of the preset/folder tree pane by clicking on the 4 dots separating the two sections. 

 3. Preview window - This is very simple. This is where you view your image and any applied or previewed effects. You can mouse over presets on the left hand side, and you will instantly see the preset preview in the main preview windows.

4. Batch filmstrip - The Batch filmstrip shows all of the images you currently have open in Exposure. You can select 1 or multiple images and adjust the effects, having all the images reflect the same changes. You can also copy and paste the full settings from one image and paste them to another image by using the Ctrl/Cmd - C and Ctrl/Cmd - V; or you can use the copy and paste feature from the Edit menu.

5. Controls pane - This pane contains all the fine tuning controls for Exposure 7. If you are new to Exposure, there's plenty to use. If you've been with Exposure for a while, you will notice new things like Crop and Rotate and the new Basic panel.



This is the all new Crop and Rotate panel. We've tried to keep this panel as simple as possible.

You'll see that there is a straightening tool so you can draw a line across your image to straighten the chosen line. You can also use the slider to rotate your image. You will still see the standard crop overlay and can use it like you would any other crop tool.

Clicking Close, hitting enter, or closing the panel will apply the crop automatically. No pixels are ever deleted so your full image remains behind the scenes.

We have also provided a number of various standard crop ratios, along with the ability to create your own. The custom ratios remember the last 6 used.



Basic - Contains controls such as Exposure, saturation, vibrance, clarity, etc.

Crop and Rotate - Has controls for cropping and straightening your image.

Color - This contains color filter controls like the ones you would put on the end of your lens.

Tone Curve - Full RGB tone curve with white balance tool. This panel also contains the split-toning controls.

Vignette - Full control over your vignette size and intensity, with the ability to have a wide degree of distortions for multiple effects.

Overlays - This contains borders, textures, and light effects. There are endless combinations possible with what we include, but you can add your own.

Focus - Replicates glamour blur and warped lens's. It also contains the unsharp masking tool.

Grain - This is an advanced grain control panel. You can simulate any type of film grain with endless control over its properties

IR - This is an infrared tool. It's most effective with B&W images, but can be used for some color images and special effects.

Bokeh - Bokeh is our full featured creative lens control software. It's been neatly incorporated into Exposure. This tool will simulate the Bokeh effect from a wide variety of camera lenses. 


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