Folders panel and Crop tool Missing

Note: This article applies to Exposure 7, Exposure X, and later versions. Exposure versions 6 and before do not have crop or Folders features.


I've launched Exposure, but I do not see the crop tool. The Folders panel is also missing. Why aren't these features showing up?



These features are not available when Exposure is launched from Lightroom or Photoshop. Due to restrictions placed on us as a plug-in/external editor, we can not apply crops when launched from those programs. 

If you use the standalone version of Exposure, you will see the crop tool and the Folders panel in the interface.


Users with programs like Alfred, Pathfinder, or similar will sometimes report missing the Folders panel and crop tool. If you use these, it fools the program into thinking it's being launched as a plug-in. If this is true, the crop icon will also be missing from under the Overall Intensity slider.

Try launching the program by clicking on it in the Applications folder, the dock icon, or just using Spotlight and not a third party program.

If you are still not seeing it, just reach out to us via a support ticket and we'll help you out.

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