Exposure Bundle information and policies

The Exposure Bundle offers a significant savings over purchasing the included products individually. This bundle includes all of our photography products, Exposure, Snap Art 4, and Blow Up 3.

What happened to the Photo Bundle?

The Photo Bundle has been replaced by the Exposure Bundle. All policies described in this article also apply to the Photo Bundle. This change reflects the ability of Exposure to serve as a standalone starting point for all of your photo editing and organizing. Snap Art and Blow Up can launch as external editors from Exposure without requiring any other host programs. In addition, all three programs can be installed as plug-ins to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Does the Exposure Bundle have a version number?

The Exposure Bundle is named after the current version of Exposure. Prior to April 2016 it was known at the Photo Bundle. It always consists of the latest versions of the three component products.

What if I already own one or more of the products in the Exposure Bundle?

If you own the current version of at least one product in the Exposure Bundle, then you can purchase the entire bundle for the upgrade rate. Please note that you must have the current version of one of the Exposure Bundle products. For example, as of April 2016, you could get the discounted price if you own Blow Up 3, but not Blow Up 2. To add the upgrade version of the Exposure Bundle to your cart, you will need the license code for one of your current products.

If you already own two current products in the bundle, your best value is to purchase the product you are missing individually. Owners of all three current products can download the Exposure Bundle installer to take advantage of its integrated functionality.

Once I own the Exposure Bundle, how do upgrades work?

When you purchase the Exposure Bundle, you become an owner of the three individual products inside of it. If one of those products gets a major version update, you can purchase that upgrade just like other owners of that product. Upgrade prices are always much lower than full retail price.

What if one of the products in the Exposure Bundle is updated soon after my purchase?

If one of the products in the Exposure Bundle is updated within 30 days of your purchase, we will send you an upgrade for free.


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