Lens Support Request


I want to use Exposure for editing, but do not see my lens listed as supported.


This article discusses how to find supported lenses, how to request a new lens, and the types of sample images needed to add lens support.

This article applies to Exposure X2, and newer versions. Earlier versions of Exposure do not support lens correction.

Supported lenses

This list contains lenses that have lens profiles in the software that have been verified by us to be correct.
Supported lenses

My lens is not supported

Even if your lens is not on our supported lenses list, correction may still be in the software. We include support for some lenses where we have not been able to verify the correction. In most cases the included profile works great.

First, check for updates. In Exposure go to Help > Check for Updates. Download and install the update if one is available.

If you own an earlier version of Exposure, visit our older installers article.

To check for your lens in the software:

  • Open the Lens Correction panel.
  • Turn Profile Correction on.
  • Select your lens maker.
  • Search for your lens.
  • If you find your lens try the profile on a number of images. It should work great.
  • If you do not find your lens, try some related lenses. You may find another profile works well.

Requesting lens support and sending sample images

We're constantly working to expand lens support. If your lens is not supported, get in touch with our support team with your lens model.

We will request some sample images. Don’t worry about sending images with the request. We’ll send a dedicated upload link specific to your request.

Here's what we’ll need:

  • Pictures of modern buildings or other other objects with strong linear elements are most helpful. It’s ok if the camera is tilted, rotated, or moved between images.
  • Switch off all corrections (some cameras make corrections even for RAW files).
  • Take pictures at at least five different focal lengths including the largest and smallest setting. If it's a fixed lens we just need a couple pictures.

Note that we may need to share the images with a third-party developer for testing and implementation. They will not be distributed otherwise.

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